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3 min readNov 12, 2021


Change of consensus algorithms (Complete)
In January of 2021 we made the switch to the Argon2d16000 Poof-of-Work mining algorithm which highly increases the memory cost and favors CPU miners. A few months later we also changed our difficulty retargeting algorithm to LWMA which proves to be one of the most efficient algorithms of its kind.

Major codebase upgrade (Complete)
Alterdot was previously known as Bitcreds, and before that as Credits. Both of them were built upon older codebases from Dash and Dynamic that today would be outdated. Once Alterdot was launched on the 17th of June 2021 our codebase had been upgraded, bringing us in line with much newer code from Dash.

Beginning of the BlockchainDNS (Complete)
With the launch of Alterdot, the initial version of our BlockchainDNS was released and with it the registration of domains became available. The main use cases we are looking to develop involve tying these domains together with IPFS content identifiers but it is possible to register anything under a domain name.

Deterministic Masternodes (Complete)
One of the most significant changes brought by the upgraded codebase is the Deterministic Masternodes system which stores functional information on-chain rather than individually on each Masternode as was the case with the old system. This change leads to a more secure and predictable system.

Long-Living Masternode Quorums (Complete)
The Masternode network is expanded with a new functionality which implies the formation of quorums or sets of Masternodes that work together towards accomplishing certain tasks. After a quorum has been successfully created, it remains active for several hours or days.

Browser Extension and Website (In Progress)
Our browser extension and website represent main facillitators of the Alterdot ecosystem as they include features that enable accessing our decentralized web through blockchain domain name resolution and more.

Insight Explorer and API
The Insight block explorer and API includes several important features that our current main explorer is lacking. Having those features allows for further development and expansion of the Alterdot ecosystem in the area of web applications.

Alterdot IPFS Gateway
The IPFS infrastructure currently available for free on the internet is maintained by numerous organizations. We are going to contribute by maintaining a public gateway ourselves since building on top of a technology also implies becoming part of it.

Activation of ChainLocks
ChainLocks represent a protection mechanism against 51% attacks that makes use of the Masternode network. Quorums of Masternodes start collectively signing past blocks which are then recognized by the rest of the network as secure since they can no longer be reorgnized.

Light Wallet
The browser extension will be further expanded to include light wallet functionalities such as coin transfers and domain name management. In the initial version of the extension these operations are possible only if a full Alterdot wallet is running locally.

Introduction of Alternodes
Alternodes will be introduced as a second tier of Masternodes, having higher specifications. They will be running IPFS clients and they will allow for pinning IPFS content that resides under Alterdot domains. Alternodes will be the building block of our decentralized hosting solution.

Search Engine
A search engine for blockchain domain names will be created in order to easily find and discover Alterdot websites. Coupled with this, we will be looking into the creation a tagging system for websites in order to realize even more efficient queries.

Content Filtering
The content hosted under Alterdot domains has to be resistant to censorship but at the same time, our network should never become a harbor for criminal activities. This is why we will implement a decentralized ticketing system that rewards people for reporting and removing illegal content.

New Desktop Wallet
A new desktop wallet will be created with the capability of running either in full or light mode. Extended functionalities related to accessing and managing Alterdot domains will also be included.

Wrapping Alterdot
In order to give everyone an easy, secure and decentralized means of exchanging Alterdot into any other cryptocurrency or token, we are looking forward to create an easy-to-use tool for wrapping Alterdot on other blockchains such as Ethereum.

All-in-One Application
Facilitating the usage of the Alterdot web can be made easiest by packing together many of our previously created tools and services. This leads to the creation of an all-encompassing application fully integrated with Alterdot and IPFS nodes.

Complete Decentralization
Reaching complete decentralization of the web as we know it implies creating a solution for secure data storage and processing resembling traditional Backend infrastructure through IPFS, Smart Contracts and Alternodes.

Website Templates
One of the main end products that we have planned for the Alterdot ecosystem is an array of customizable templates for decentralized websites ranging from e-commerce to general data administration and more.



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