Alterdot v.1.8.0 released

Upgrading to Alterdot v1.8.0 is mandatory, there are about 7 days left before the next hard fork. This version restarts Masternodes, InstantSend, Development Fund payments and the Blockchain Domain Name System, old Bitcreds versions do not re-activate them. Alterdot v1.8.0 is one of the main updates in this transition to a better, safer codebase. Masternode owners should upgrade right away, extended instructions will be coming for setup. This is a period of rapid change.

Alterdot v.1.8.0 can be downloaded from

If there are any pool owners that want to get started with Alterdot we are glad to help. A higher total hashrate makes for a healthier network.

Keep an eye out for more information soon!



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