Alterdot v1.9.1 Released!

Alterdot Development Team
1 min readAug 12, 2021


This is a mandatory for BlockchainDNS users.

This update brings with it the following updates to our code;

  • Fixes an issue regarding domains not being recorded correctly in the local database
  • BDNS record indexing system has been updated
  • New command “listowneddomains” added which returns the list of domains registered by the current wallet
  • New command “bdns” which allows you to check the state of the BDNS or trigger BDNS reindexing

Remember to update all of your nodes and wallets to at least v1.9.0 by block 1,050,000 otherwise you will end up on a fork!

The latest version of Alterdot can be downloaded from Github —

Development Update

Our browser extension is almost ready for launch with the core functionality complete and some further improvements being added. Our website update is the next piece of work to be undertaken, however this is a period of holiday/vacation for some of the team making progress a little slower. Thank you for your patience!



Alterdot Development Team

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