The next version of Bitcreds, v1.7.3 is now available for download. This is a mandatory update for all nodes as it is the first stage of our transition to an upgraded codebase from Dash and the starting point of all future things which will be built on top of our blockchain and network.

The Bitcreds network will be reduced to lite mode or core mode after block 1,034,000 through a hard fork in order to start the transition. The Development Fund and Masternodes will not be paid in the reduced state of the network, InstantSend, Mixing and PrivateSend will not work as non-core features are disabled. This lite mode will last only several thousand blocks (it starts on the 14th of June and ends two weeks later). After the hard fork block the difficulty retargeting algorithm will change from DELTA to LWMA ( and the maximum size of data stored with OP_RETURN will increase from 80 to 160 bytes.

On the 17th of June, the anniversary of our blockchain, the upgraded wallet will be released together with the initial version of BDNS. After block 1,038,000 Masternode and Development Fund payments will resume and all non-core functionalities will be enabled, our browser extension will also be released soon after and our website will be updated together with our whole brand as I mentioned before.



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