Development Update — IPFS

Bitcreds will be undergoing some updates and improvements, both visually as well as functionally. Bitcreds will soon offer as a service the possibility to register IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) content on our Blockchain Domain Name System (BDNS). This process will imply burning of coins and higher rewards for miners.

The reccent change of our mining algorithm to Argon2d16000 allows an advantage for CPU mining.

The BDNS is our main focus for the next pahse of development. In the next next big release (v1.8), we will include the BDNS along with our browser extension. Due to the recent integration of IPFS into the Brave browser this will streamline the user experience of anyone wanting to get a feel for the decentralized web.

This project was been taken over by community members a while ago and we plan on maintaining this community involved development process. Stay in touch with us on Discord for more information and rewarded tasks.

v1.7.1 is also here with some small updates, it rejects all peers of v1.6.1 and older versions.




a decentalized Web. Enabled by Blockchain and IPFS. Powered by you

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Alterdot Development Team

Alterdot Development Team

a decentalized Web. Enabled by Blockchain and IPFS. Powered by you

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