Alterdot v1.9.0 Released!

  • Many changes ported over from Dash and Bitcoin, our codebase now being in line with Dash v0.14.0.5
  • Code for ChainLocks and LLMQ-based InstantSend is added in this version and it remains to be activated at a later time
  • Added three Long Living Masternode Quorum (LLMQ) configurations better suited for Alterdot: LLMQ_10_60, LLMQ_20_60 and LLMQ_30_80
  • The Alterdot network will switch to using only LLMQ_10_60 at block 1,050,000 therefore triggering a hard fork, the two other configurations will be activated in later versions
  • Fixed the synchronization progress bar which wasn’t loading in accordance with the downloaded blocks
  • Protocol version bumped to 70015. After block 1,050,000 all older versions of Alterdot will be rejected
  • Removed unnecessary Dash themes
  • Added fixed seeds




a decentalized Web. Enabled by Blockchain and IPFS. Powered by you

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Alterdot Development Team

Alterdot Development Team

a decentalized Web. Enabled by Blockchain and IPFS. Powered by you

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