This is a mandatory update for all users

This update includes the following updates to our code;

  • Activation of ChainLocks from block 1,078,000 protecting the blockchain against significant 51% attacks
  • InstantSend transaction limit increased from 1,000 to 20,000 ADOT

Remember to update all of your nodes and wallets to at least v1.9.2 by block 1,078,000 otherwise you will end up on a fork!

The latest version of Alterdot can be downloaded from Github —



Alterdot v.1.8.0 released

Upgrading to Alterdot v1.8.0 is mandatory, there are about 7 days left before the next hard fork. This version restarts Masternodes, InstantSend, Development Fund payments and the Blockchain Domain Name System, old Bitcreds versions do not re-activate them. Alterdot v1.8.0 is one of the main updates in this transition to a better, safer codebase. Masternode owners should upgrade right away, extended instructions will be coming for setup. This is a period of rapid change.

Alterdot v.1.8.0 can be downloaded from

If there are any pool owners that want to get started with Alterdot we are glad to help. A higher total hashrate makes for a healthier network.

Keep an eye out for more information soon!



Alterdot Development Team

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